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This privacy policy is the binding terms between Chaca Market and you which will govern how Chaca Market treats User Information, in connection with the User's use of the Site.


This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Chaca Market Terms and Conditions, and the definitions used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as those used in the Chaca Market Terms & Conditions, unless expressly stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy. By using the Site and Application, you have agreed to be bound by this Privacy Policy as a legally binding agreement, and represent and warrant that you are an adult according to applicable law, or at least 21 years of age. If you agree to this Privacy Policy for and on behalf of legal subjects, both individuals and other legal entities, then the User represents and warrants that the User is the authorized party for it.

In this privacy statement;

Service means any product, service, content, feature, technology or function, and all related websites, applications and services offered to you by us.

Platform means our website, mobile application, mobile site or other online thing through which we offer our Services.

Information We Collect and Receive

Registration and other account information

When you register to use our services, we may collect the following information about you;

a) You register using your Google account: first name, last name and email address;

b) if you register using your Facebook account: we collect your first name and last name as they appear on your Facebook account and Facebook ID. If you have given permission to Facebook via their in-app privacy option (which appears just before you register on our Platform), we may collect your gender, age or email depending on the permissions granted by you; and

c) You register using your mobile number: mobile number.

Information Collected

Email Storage: Our primary purpose in collecting email addresses is to store them inside the application for internal use purposes. We use saved email to provide relevant features and services, such as notification delivery, account recovery, or application-related communications.

Depending on the choices you make during the process of logging into our Services or during the process of engaging our Services, you may choose to provide the following additional personal data:

a) You

b) Birthdate

c) Gender

d) Mobile Phone

Communication via the chat feature on our Platform

When you use our chat feature to communicate with other users, we collect information that you choose to provide to other users through this feature.

Device Information

We collect device-specific information such as operating system version, unique identifiers. For example, the name of the cellular network you are using. We associate a device identifier with your Chaca Market account.

Location information

Depending on your device permissions, if you post something on our Platform, we automatically collect and process information about your actual location. We use a variety of technologies to determine location, including IP addresses, GPS, Wi-Fi access points, and cell towers. Your location data allows you to view items of users near you and assists you in posting items within your location. If we need your location data, we will first show you a pop-up that will ask you to choose whether or not to allow us to access your location data. If you do not allow us to have access to your location data, you cannot use the full Chaca Market service. If you allow us to access your location data, you can always change it afterwards by going to the settings in our platform app and disabling the permissions related to location sharing.

Client and Log Data

Technical details, including your device's Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone and operating system. We will also store your login information (date of registration, date of last successful login), your browser type and version.

Data Clickstream

We collect information about your activity on our Platform which includes the site from which you accessed our Platform, the date and time stamp of each visit, searches you have performed, listings or advertisements you clicked on, your interactions with such advertisements or listings, duration of visits. you and the order in which you visit the content on our Platform.

Your Privacy Rights:

Access and Changes: If you want to access, update, or delete email stored in the application, you can contact us via the contact information available.

Why We Collect Information and How We Use It

We will only use your personal data when the law allows us. Generally, we will use your personal data in the following situations:

a) Where we need to make a contract that we will follow or have followed with you.

b) Where necessary for our legitimate interests to improve our Services and to provide you with a safe and secure Platform.

c) Where we must comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

In certain circumstances, we may also process your personal data based on your consent. If we do this, we will tell you which purposes and categories of personal data will be processed when we ask for your consent.

We have described below a description of how we use your personal data, [and from which legal basis we use to do so. We have also identified what our legitimate interests are in the right places.]

Providing Access and Providing Services through our Platform

a) If you log in using your mobile number or email ID, we use your first and last name, mobile number and/or e-mail address to identify you as a user and provide access to our Platform.

b) If you log in using your Facebook account, we use your first and last name from your Facebook profile and Facebook email address to identify you as a user on our Platform and provide you with access to our Platform.

c) The above log-information data is also used by us to deliver our Services to you in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

d) We use your e-mail address and mobile number (via SMS) to make suggestions and recommendations to you about our Services that may be of interest to you.

We process the above information for good performance of our agreement with you and on the basis of our legitimate interest in conducting marketing activities to offer Services that may be of interest to you.

To improve your experience on the Platform

We use clickstream data to:

a) Offer customized content, such as providing you with more relevant search results when using our Services.

b) To determine how much time you spend on our Platform and in what ways you navigate through our Platform to understand your interests and to improve our Services based on this data. For example, we may give you suggestions about the content you can visit based on the content you click on.

c) To monitor and report on the effectiveness of campaign delivery to our business partners and for internal business analysis.

We use your location data for the following purposes:

a) To collect anonymous and aggregated information about the characteristics and behavior of Chaca Market users, including for the purposes of business analysis, segmentation and anonymous profile development.

b) To improve the performance of our Services and to personalize the content we direct to you. For example - with the help of location data we display a list of ads that are around you to improve your buying experience. For this purpose, the Google Maps service is integrated into our Platform. Google Maps is provided by us and Google acts as an independent controller. This means that Google and we are responsible for processing your location data in the context of Google Maps. However, we will not process your location data for any purposes other than those described in this Privacy Statement. However, Google may process such location data for their own purposes as described in the reviewable Google Privacy Policy. Use of Google Maps through our Platform is subject to the Google Maps Terms of Service.

With the help of your login information which includes your email id and phone number, we map the different devices (such as desktop, mobile, tablet) used by you to access our Platform. This allows us to associate your activity on our Platform across devices and helps us provide a great experience no matter what device you are using.

We process the above information based on our legitimate interests to improve your experience on our Platform and for the adequate performance of our contract with you.

To give you a safe and secure Platform

a) We use your mobile number, log data and unique device identifier to manage and protect our Platform (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, fraud prevention, system maintenance, support, reporting and data hosting).

b) We analyze your communications made through our chat feature for fraud prevention and to improve security by blocking spam or abusive and unkind messages that may have been sent to you by other users.

We analyze your communications made through our chat feature for fraud prevention and to improve security by blocking spam or abusive and unkind messages that may have been sent to you by other users.


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