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It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure that the goods they sell comply with all laws and are permitted to be registered for sale in accordance with Chaca Market's terms and policies prior to the registration of goods on the sales platform. For User convenience, below Chaca Market has provided a brief guideline on the types of products that are prohibited from being sold on Chaca Market. These terms will be updated as needed, please visit this page regularly for updates.


Violation of this Prohibited Product Types Policy may subject the Seller to various adverse actions, not limited to any or all of the following:

a) Ad removal

b) Account deletion

c) Legal action

Food and Beverage Related Items

Prohibited Foods: For the safety of our Users, Merchants may not list the following foods and food related items on our Site:

a) Food and drink that endangers the safety of its users, or which does not have a distribution permit from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM);

b) Hazardous food - Food containing prohibited substances or substances in excess of permissible proportions, contaminated food without fully informing the Buyer at the time of sale of the nature of the transaction;

c) Non-pasteurized dairy products;

d) wild mushrooms; and

e) Other foods that are harmful to human health.

Foods that do not fall into the above Prohibited Food categories must comply with the following minimum standards and guidelines:

a) Expiration date – all foods must be clearly and correctly labeled with the expiration date or 'use before'. Expired food cannot be registered;

b) Sealed containers – all food and related products sold on the Site must be packaged or sealed to ensure Buyers can identify evidence of sabotage or defects; and

c) Perishable food - Users who register perishable items must clearly state in the item description the steps they will take to ensure the item is properly packaged.

Drug and Cosmetic Related Items

a) All types of drugs or other substances that are prohibited or restricted in circulation according to the applicable legal provisions, including but not limited to the provisions of the Narcotics Law, Psychotropic Law, and Health Law in the Republic of Indonesia. Also included in this provision are hard drugs, drugs that require a doctor's prescription, anesthetics, slimming drugs and the like, or drugs that do not have an official distribution permit from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM);

b) List containing medicinal claims - namely, claims that the goods are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, relief, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans and/or animals, contraceptives, anesthetics or prevent or interfere with normal physiological functions, either permanently or temporarily, and either by terminating, reducing or delaying, or enhancing or accelerating the functioning of the function or by any other means (eg, pharmaceutical drugs, contact lenses, mislabeled dietary supplements);

c) Cosmetics that do not have an official distribution permit and used cosmetics

Restricted Electronics

a) Telecommunications equipment, electronic surveillance and similar electronic equipment such as cable TV, scramble tuner, radar scanner, traffic signal control device, wiretapping device and telephone tapping device;

b) New mobile phone/mobile phone products (including tablet devices whose use requires a simcard to operate) that do not have or have not obtained technical permission from the competent authority. Sellers who sell new mobile/mobile phone products on the Site must ensure that the product has a technical permit from the relevant agency as a condition that it can be traded in Indonesia. Sellers who sell new mobile phones/mobile phones that do not have or have not obtained a technical permit from the competent authority on the Site will be subject to sanctions in the form of but not limited to blocking and/or deletion of goods from the Site;

Items Related to Intellectual Property Rights, Content, and Services

a) Publications, books, films, videos and/or video games that do not comply with applicable laws in the country of sale and/or delivery;

b) Potentially infringing goods: Goods including but not limited to replicas, counterfeits, and unlicensed imitations of products or goods that may harm users, violate copyrights, certain trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of third parties ;

c) The provision of services of a sexual or illegal nature or in violation of the Terms of Service is prohibited on the Site;

d) Goods and or services that contain content with material that has the potential to create or promote hatred or incites or abuses children on the basis of political interests, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, or disability;

e) Goods and/or services and/or content with materials that contain or offer printing services for securities or state documents, services that indicate fraud, services of a sexual or illegal nature, and services that request personal data including passwords or account data belonging to users registered on other platforms;

f) Products that (i) relate to campaigns, elections, political issues, or political debate issues (b) and advocate or oppose, or attack politicians or political parties, or (c) promote or incite any form of hate, crime, prejudice, rebellion, or violence; and

g) any item that is, or contains components that are (i) illegal or other prohibited in the jurisdiction of the Buyer and/or Seller or item that encourages illegal or prohibited activities, or (ii) is determined by a government agency or government authority as an item that has the potential to cause risk of harm to health or safety.

General Items

a) All types of animals and plants that are prohibited from being traded under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia;

b) Artifacts and antiques and souvenirs made from protected animals;

c) Items that can and/or are flammable, ignite, or self-ignite

d) Currency, stamps and stamp duty (including currency, stamps, and counterfeit stamps) that are prohibited from being traded through electronic media;

e) Products that are not yet available but have been registered as SKUs by the Seller for the purpose of down payment;

f) State certificates or documents;

g) Credit and debit cards;

h) Currency including, without limitation, digital currency;

i) embargoed goods;

j) Firearms, weapons such as pepper spray, replicas of firearms including replicas of airsoft guns and paintballs, and stun guns, etc.;

k) Government or Police related items such as badges, epaulets or uniforms;

l) Human body parts or corpses;

m) Key-breaking device;

n) Lottery tickets;

o) Pesticides;

p) Slot machines, and other gambling related items;

q) Goods that have been withdrawn from circulation;

r) Shares, securities and other postage stamps;

s) Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including without limitation electronic cigarettes;

t) Material that is obscene, inciting or smelly

u) Clothes in containers;

v) Stolen goods;

w) Goods with Exclusive Distribution rights that can only be traded with a direct sales system by authorized sellers and/or Goods with a Multi Level Marketing sales system;

x) Goods that do not meet the provisions of SNI, labeling, use of the Indonesian language as regulated by the Ministry of Trade.

y) Materials classified as Dangerous Substances in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade and applicable.

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